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Veteran peace RTS, very reliable, excellent design, provides up to 40 options for viewing in the day, though at a low cost, the benefits to feed their own advertising, as the cost of advertising, too low. You can safely there to twist your referral links on other projects, to gain his referrals. Number of directives on this Books is unlimited. When you register to earn $ 0.05. Bush admins responsible people, who, in addition buxp sells hosting and creating websites.


About this site: Reliable proven Western Books. Sites are usually between 40 and they can see every 24 hours, it is your job, so on this site, you can sit and a few hours. Another way to earn extra here - is to attract referrals, you can dial right after registration

Help on registration

1 - We need to create a mailbox in the area of ROM required. It is best suited for this purpose gmail.com. On the other postal services can not come to passwords and activation links. Therefore, we go first here (Here the instruction and all information which you need to to create a mailbox).

2 - Must sign up for AlertPay. There you will come money. Therefore, we go first here (Here the instruction and all information which you need to AlertPay).

3- Click on the banner, which is slightly higher. Taken to a page for an invitation to register, example in the figure below. Introduce back to your mailbox

After that, you should see a sign, as pictured below. Where you are asked to go to the post office where to send this link to register. We go into the mail.

Here you are in your mail, as above, and then see the letter, which will link to register. Click on it.

You download the registration form. An example of its filling with the translation, see below for photos:

All registration is completed successfully, you can begin to work.

How to work here?

The first step is go to your account.

1. The login form looks like this - Fill the data as shown and click the button "Submit".

2. When you first log into your account you'll likely get to the introductory page. It looks like this:

3. Clicking on May account you will be taken to the main menu, his example in the picture below:

View site As shown above in the photo to begin earning on the axle box, click on "Browse ads" the first button on top. Boot screen with advertisements, as shown in the figure below. (To run the site clicks on the link name and a new window will be loaded ads. The figure below shows an example of how the page looks like (there are many advertisements, I wish that they pay not a lot) with the links to view:

просмотр ссылок в buxp

3. A new window will open the site. At the top is a timer. Timer says wait until the link is loaded and then starts the countdown, and when it comes to 0, you will see instead the inscription Done. Slightly to the right will be four letters. When you see the inscription dong, you can press the control letters that ask you to click. Letters disappear, and instead they displayed green sign Credited. Hence click has been counted and you can close the window and run the following site. The drawings show how it looks.